When thinking about what we wanted our organization to be called, we thought about what our goals were. Our goals are reflected in our mission and we wanted our name to reflect that. We thought about what equines (the Latin word for horse) meant to us... and here is what we came up with:

Equine means power.

Horses are large, powerful creatures. They are prey animals, which makes them different than humans, who are predators in the animal world. Horses are social animals and have specific roles in their herds and families. They use non-verbal to communicate and are sensitive to the emotions and messages we use in our own non-verbal communication.

In this model, horses are essential to the work we do. Horses help us do the work we are doing. Horses have the power to effect change in people's lives.


Our organization is unique because we do not have a home "base". This allows us to work in a variety of locations based on the needs of our community. emPOWER is dedicated to providing equine assisted services to individuals across the community.  

We love to work with community providers and think that working together as a treatment team is important to help people reach their goals. 

Another way that we are different than "typical" therapy is, of course, the horses! We could not do the work that we do without the horses.



The Eagala model can be effective with a variety of clients with a variety of challenges. Our staff specializes in working with survivors of inter-personal violence, children, and families. We also have experience in working with individuals with substance use disorders, groups, and professionals.