We have a new home location in Chesterfield! We will continue to provide services in Louisa, but having our own farm will allow up to serve clients from Chesterfield, metro-Richmond, and the tri-city area. To help us with this exciting expansion, we are looking for support to build fencing and prepare our pastures through financial support. You can also support us through donating materials, and other goods that will be helpful when we serve clients. To learn more, contact us through the information at the bottom of this page or fill out the fields on the “Contact Us” page!

Immediate Needs

items we need prior to starting sessions for our clients

  • Lumber for barn interior improvements

  • Interlocking floor mats

  • Light fixtures for barn, including floodlights

  • Barn fans

  • First aid kits (horse and human needed)

Sponsorship Opportunities

ongoing needs to help us in carrying out our vision

  • Horse Feed, 8 bags per month

  • Hay

  • Pasture maintenance

  • Porta potty rental

  • Veterinary and farrier fees

Frequent Wishes

items that will help support our program at any time

  • Water bottles

  • De-Wormers

  • Pest control, such as Fly Predators

  • Grass seed/fertilizer

  • Paper towels

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Props for sessions

Program Dreams

help us to fulfill some of our bigger goals

  • Utility vehicle/ 4 Wheeler

  • Picnic tables

  • Foldable chairs

  • Shed

  • Shelving and storage

  • Covered arena

You or your business can be featured as one of our superstar supporters! The businesses below sponsored sections of our fence!

Without the support of friends like you, we couldn’t do the amazing work we do. The businesses below, literally made it possible for #emPOWERChesterfield to move into our new location!


Currently, our volunteer needs are primarily related to pasture maintenance and helping us to create the vision of a safe place for our clients. Please note that because our four legged partners are owned by individuals and are not owned by the organization, we have very limited opportunities for horse involvement. Their human counterparts are responsible for their care, but we appreciate your interest in helping our equine team members! Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of our services, we are not able to have volunteers participate in sessions. We would LOVE to have you help us with the following tasks:

  • painting our new fencing, pending paint donations

  • representing emPOWER at tables to spread word about the organization and ask for donations

  • maintenance in and around pasture, including weed whacking, pulling weeds, clearing manure, maintaining manure pile

  • building clean-out and prep for hay barn

Please fill out a form on the “CONTACT PAGE” if you are interested in the above activities. As always, a huge help is to like our Facebook page and share out organization with friends! If you know people that may be interested in becoming a donor or volunteering for the above activities, please pass them my way ASAP!